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5 ways to help make your move completely PAINLESS

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

We have some great tips and tricks for you to help your move go by quicker and in return cost you a-lot less.


  1. Make sure boxes are packed well using bubble wrap and packing paper. Mark any that are extremely fragile.

  2. Always label each box to the correct room so when we arrive to the drop address we can easily asses and place the box in the correct room.

  3. If possible stack boxes all together in one room so we can quickly load them into the truck.

  4. Always arrange a parking spot for your movers. The closer the spot the quicker your move will go and in the end save you a lot of money.

  5. Make sure to always reserve an elevator if you live in an apartment. Make sure to do this well in advance, you'd be surprised how quickly they book up.

If you follow these simple tips you will definitely save yourself some time on your move. When you'r moving, time is money. Being organized also helps make all the unpacking a-lot easier.

As always, we are hear to help you with your move!




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