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How to save money on your next move!

Here are some important tips to help you save money on your move.

I mean lets face it, who doesn't like saving money?

1.) Be organized!!!

I cannot stress this enough. The more organized and ready you are when the movers show up the more money you will save. Label boxes, pre wrap your precious items such as; art work, clocks, fragile items and basically anything you are worried about possibly being damaged. If you are really feeling ambitious move all the boxes into one room to make it even easier for us to grab them quickly.

2.) Take things apart.

Things such as bed frames, tables, armoires or anything you think may be tricky to take out of your home can easily be taken apart before the movers arrive. This will save the movers time and in the end save you money!

3.) Book elevators/reserve parking.

If you can book the elevators at both places in advance this will cut down a-lot of time off your move. Try and also reserve a parking spot close to where the door is going into your home. The less distance the movers have to travel the less time the movers will spend carrying things back and forth to the truck. Time is money!

4.) Point us in the right direction.

When we are carrying things into your new place have someone delegating where things go as we enter your new home. Put your friend or spouse in charge of this while you unpack.

5.) Use services such as #frogbox instead of cardboard.

Using re usable bins such as #frogbox can help save you and us time. They will come and drop the boxes off at your house before you start packing and come pick them up after you finish. It does't get much easier than that, does it? They also stack very well and makes our life a-lot easier. Just try not to fill them to the top with heavy books, that may slow us down a bit :p


Use Your Local Movers LTD for your next move :)

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Hopefully this helps to make your move go a bit quicker and also in the end saves you some dollah dollah bills yall!

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